NEXO.IO - professional financial services in the world of digital assets

Nexo is the world’s most advanced, regulated digital assets institution offering a variety of products. It has a very friendly user interface and makes your first (or next) crypto purchase a real breeze.
It offers high interest rates on your assets (up to 17% annual interest paid out daily), you get an instant credit line against your crypto and you can even get a physical credit card (for now available in Europe only).
So, you wanted to dip your toes into crypto, the easiest thing to do would be buy some bitcoin and receive a high daily interest on it!
Besides that, I have a special offer for you. If you sign up through my link and fund your account with $100 you will receive $25 worth of bitcoin as a bonus! 

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Dacxi - global pioneer of crypto wealth.

Dacxi offers a safe and simple platform for investors around the world.
With Dacxi you get access to a carefully curated selection of investment-grade digital assets.
They offer 3 types of of crypto bundles that you can buy into to diversify your portfolio.
Again, the user interface is very simple to use, customer service is amazing, they have a great security rating and, the last but not the least, they offer a variety of educational resources through their LEARN platform. 

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The Plan - Automated Grid Bot Trading

If you've mastered the basics and want to get a bit deeper into the weeds, check out this training form Dan Hollings. He the king of trading with Grid Bots which is an automated way to make your crypto work for you. The program is only open a couple of times a year so check it out or join the waitlist between enrolments. 

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